Now visitors don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of the private information you share with us whenever you are searching the travel information or planning a trip/tour. We are committed to secure your personal information you share with us on our website. The reason to create this notice is to inform you that what we do, who we share it with and how we collect your information.

Who We Are

Shiven Holidays , a company based in ghaziabad (UP), India and when we refer “we” “our” “us” in this notice refers to Shiven Holidays  only. Shiven Holidays  is the foremost travel media company and we offer India’s number one travel guidebook. Shiven Holidays  owns and operates :

Shiven Holidays  uses the personal information for two different purposes: to meet your requests for certain information and to connect with you in order to complete your online profile on Shiven Holidays .com. If you connect with us via Facebook, we’ll receive the basic information like your name, email address, and location. We won’t post anything to Facebook without your consent.

How And Why We Collect The Information?

We collect the information when:

  • When you fill the information or you participate on our forum section (for example, you sign up to receive emails or to create a profile on our website or mobile app)
  • When you post the content or you make some posts on our social media accounts, and
  • Sometimes automatically (for example, technical information that transfers to us when you visit our website or app on your phone or PC.

Shiven Holidays doesn’t, won’t, sell information to anyone; we only use the information to:

  • Receive and reply feedback and queries from you.
  • Receive and process your information in case, of technical assistance required.
  • To personalize or improve the way our products and content presented to you.
  • Manage our competitions.

When you post the content on our website

    • Permit you to share your experiences with fellow travellers on forums and community section, mobile app along with social media sites.
    • Permit you to start communications among our community members and we make sure that content/messages posted comply with our guidelines.

Use Of Cookies

Shiven Holidays  uses the cookies to improve the user experience and interactive sessions on our website. When you visit the website, the information provided by you might be retrieved in order to enable some features of the website without having re-signed in, along these lines, it offers you easy access to various features and functions of the website. The cookies would help your username to be pre-entered so that you would only need to enter the password when you sign in. The cookie would be stored on your PC and we won’t be able to access this information.

The acceptance of cookies depends on the browser settings on the web browser accessed by you. As a member or a visitor, you’ll be assigned a permanent cookie file on your PC’s hard drive, when you visit Adotrip. The permanent cookies file remain on your PC’s hard drive until you delete these files manually.

Local shared objects are same like browser cookies and can store data more complex than simple text.

This Website may similarly utilize Web reference points (otherwise called clear gifs, pixel labels or Web bugs), which are minor designs with a one of a kind identifier, comparative in function to cookies, that are set in the code of a Web page. We utilize Web beacons points to screen the traffic patterns of visitors starting with one page inside our Website then onto the next, to convey or speak with treats, to comprehend whether you have gone to our Website from an online promotion showed on an outsider site, and to enhance website performance. We additionally may enable our specialist to utilize web reference points to enable us to know which emails have been opened by receivers and to track the visitor traffic and traffic on our Website. This helps us measure the effectiveness of our content and different contributions.

You may block, erase or disable cookies, Web beacons, and other Web technology by correcting your program or gadget settings. However, if you disable this technology, you will most likely be unable to access certain highlights or services on our Website, including our travel services and planner tool. Disabling this technology may also imply that you are required to re-enter account information, (for example, Member ID and password) on a few occasions during any browsing session.

All the personal information data maintained and secured in accordance with GDPR and cookies policy.


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